Pre-order campaign - Support us now with your order so that our emanual espresso machine can be produced!

Order your exclusive emanuale starter set now with tamper, distributor, scale, timer, glass and selected espresso beans - only for the first 400 orders!

All questions & answers about the pre-order campaign!

How does the pre-order campaign work?

1. Order your desired item , which will be delivered in summer 2024. You cannot withdraw from the contract during the period from the pre-order to delivery. For the simple reason that we calculate firmly with our income from pre-orders for the first production. You only have a 30-day right of return when it is delivered in summer 2024. You can also find these rules in our general terms and conditions!

2. We will collect all pre-orders by the end of March in order to reach a desired amount for the first production. If the desired amount is not reached by the end of March, everyone has a money-back guarantee. By the end of March we will collect all proceeds from pre-orders in a separate bank account. The proceeds from pre-orders will only be used when we actually go into production.

3. Production time April to July

4. Delivery in July/August. Delivery can also take place earlier if the production time is shortened.

Why are we running a pre-order campaign?

We can only start production of our emanual espresso machine with around 400 pre-orders. Because in the very first production, very expensive injection molds have to be created once. That's why we need your support through your pre-orders.

Through a pre-order campaign we don't have to take out large loans from banks, but together we can bring emanuale to life with every single support from you.

Jakob and Kati, we are the founders of emanuale and are enthusiastic about it ourselves and will do everything for you to make emanuale a reality and bring it to your home. Let's form a community together to make emanual reality! Help us and share it with all your friends & families!

When will the delivery take place?

Delivery of all pre-ordered items will take place in summer 2024.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

If too few pre-orders have been received by the end of March, then unfortunately we will not be able to have emanuale produced. Each and every one of you will then get your money back via the respective payment method you used. To prevent this from happening, help us with your pre-order now!

Can I withdraw from the contract during the pre-order period and production period?

You cannot withdraw from the contract during the pre-order period and during the production period. Since we are starting our first production, we are calculating firmly with the income from the pre-orders. As soon as delivery takes place in summer 2024, there is a 30-day right of return!

Will I receive current information about the current status of things?

The best way to do this is to sign up for our newsletter. We will then always send you the current status by email. Click here for the newsletter entry!

Here are all exclusive pre-order offers:

Exclusive emanual starter set

Exclusive emanuale starter set with Comandante Grinder

Emanuale Distributor

Emanuale Tamper

Unterstütze uns mit deiner Spende und erhalte von uns ausgewählte Espressobohnen!