Interaction of unique functions

Small & Light

Smallest and lightest manual espresso machine compatible with e61 58mm filter baskets.

Dimensions: 7.8cm x 7.8cm x 17.5cm

Weight: 700g

9 BarSRM - Smooth Rotation Mechanism

Soft ball bearing rotating mechanism. Minimum effort for maximum pressure 9 bar. When maximum pressure reaches 9 bar, torque crank spins through.

DPP - Direct Pressure Piston

Even water distribution for a perfect result in the glass. Minimizes channeling. Optimal pressure control for a smooth extraction experience.

SRS - Smart Ratio Scale

Intelligent ratio scale allows you to adjust your espresso shot precisely to the gram.

OVS - Optimum Volume Signal

The audio signal shows you that your optimal volume of your SRS - Smart Ratio Scale setting has been reached.

Integrated dosing ring

Integrated dosing ring can be easily removed from the bottom and place it on top of the filter basket. Protects the thread and guarantees clean operations.

6 Point Easy Screw

Easy to use thanks to safe and uncomplicated screwing in from 6 positions.

Crank storage

Easy storage of the torque crank allows for compact transport on the go.